Peeing In The Pool With Ryan Lochte [VIDEO]
Closing ceremonies capped off what will be a memorable Olympics for many athletes.  Among the many highlights of course was a rivalry between U.S. swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte.  Phelps came away from the 2012 games the most decorated Olympian in the history books.  Lochte a…
Ragu’s Latest Ad: Funny Or Too Much? [VIDEO]
If you have been watching the Olympics, you may have seen Ragu's latest commercial.  Some folks are having a hard time comprehending why Ragu would choose to air the add during family friendly Olympic time, others are taking it all in stride.  What do you think?
An Olympic Mystery — The Odd-Colored Volleyball Jersey
Are you watching the Olympics?  I’m trying to keep up with our local athletes on the National squad. Watching Matt Anderson on the men’s volleyball team, I noticed something weird, which was also the case for the women’s team: One player on each t…
Does Olympian Tom Daley Resemble Your Idea of Christian Grey?
We've noticed a few hunky guys around the Olympic pool this year, in fact there's quite a lot of "eye candy" in this year's summer games!  We've been posting photos of these athletes on our Facebook page and discovered there are at least a few of our listeners who think Great Britain's Tom…
Michael Phelps’ Mom Makes an Oops
Michael Phelps was on his way to winning the gold in the 200 butterfly.  His mom and sisters were anxiously waiting and cheering.  He had a half-body lead right up to the end.  So his mom began cheering and jumping, only to find out he had come in second.
One Happy Olympic Worker! [VIRAL VIDEO]
Some folks whistle while they work, others may be a bit grumpy!  We want to show you what may be the happiest Olympic worker on earth!  The woman featured in the video was supposed to be directing pedestrian traffic at the opening ceremonies, instead it was more like stand up comedy.

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