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Pet of the Day – Lennon
Lennon is a 2 year old, part Siamese cat. Named after John Lennon, he loves music and will go to sleep whenever I play the piano!
Pet of the Day – Earl
This is my dog Earl (a chocolate lab) with his favorite toy! Anyone that comes to the house to visit is greeted with either this toy or a bone! He’s a wonderful friend with a very outgoing personality…
Submitted by Jenny D.
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Pet of the Day – Chestnut
Here is Chestnut our Chocolate Labrador.   "Chessy" will be turning 5 years old in June and we love her dearly!   She's my daughter's best friend and a loyal companion.
Pet of the Day – Sophia
Sophia is 11 weeks old, she is enjoying the shade after a dip in the pool on a hot muggy day in August. She loves ice cubes and belly rubs.
Pets of the Day – Jake and Roxy
My two babies, Yorkshire Terriers, Jake & Roxy.  Jake is 5yrs old and Roxy is 6.  Jake is definitely a snuggly momma's boy while Roxy is the ultimate tomboy and loves spending time with Dad outside.  Both pups rule our house and we wouldn't have it any other way!