This Research Says Dogs Really Do Care if You’re Sad [VIDEO]
Because you'll never experience true love until you've owned a dog is one of the reasons why our family will soon become dog owners. But can a dog actually have empathy for people? Can they tell if their owners are sad? Even strangers? The results are fascinating from this recent research …
This Pet Owner Calls 911 Due to a Struggle With His Cat [VIDEO]
So I'm relaxing on the couch and the phone rings. It was the police calling to see of there was trouble at the house. I'm like...huh? Someone called 911 they said and soon my six year old found himself grounded. Fortunately the officer was nice enough to let me handle this abuse of 911 at …
This Pet Owner Takes His Pet Tortoise Out For a Walk [VIDEO]
Have you heard the joke about the guy who named his dog with no legs, cigarette? Because every morning he takes him out for a drag? LOL Well, this is darn close. This man in Tokyo has been spotted walking his giant pet tortoise, and the video will show that he is one of the most patient pet owners i…
Do New Yorkers Love Their Dogs the Most?
Which U.S. states love dogs the most? The American Kennel Club ranked the states by asking residents how regularly they engage in 'loving behavior' with their canines! Find out where New York came in.

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