5 “Pi Day” 2017 Deals in Buffalo
It's Pi Day...if you're a Big Bang Theory fan, or fan of math in general, you "get" why.  If not, well, in layman's terms, it's 3/14.
Bringing you back to 7th grade math class, Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter...
The Surprising Place I Had Really Good Buffalo Pizza
No one really walks into a dive bar and says "I bet they've got amazing Chateaubriand."  You don't normally stroll into a convenience store and assume their sushi will be unparalleled.
We're talking unlikely places you stumbled on and said "Holy cow, thi…
Papal Pizza? [VIDEO + PHOTOS]
NYC is known for a lot of things, including their signature thin-crusted pizza.
So someone HAD to do it.
Call it sacrilege, but one NYC pizza chef spent a lot of time creating this papal pizza!
As WABC-TV in NYC reports, Tony Salihaj, the pizza chef at Bleecker Street Pizza in the West Village, spent 5…
Rats Love Pizza Too! [VIDEO]
I can't help it; I'm such an animal lover. I even find rats cute.
I'm totally cheering this guy on, as he shows a can-do attitude and doesn't give up, trying to snag an ENTIRE piece of pizza!
#suckerforanimals #evenrats

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