Lancaster + Depew–Do You Know This Guy?
Anyone know this guy!? Share this around so we can help stop these incidents. This one is around the Broadway/Penora and surrounding areas.
Car break ins are nothing new in the Lancaster/Depew area in the past few year. They happen all the time and for the most part the people that break in your car …
RESCUE VIDEO: Man Falls in Gorge At Letchworth Yesterday
Over the weekend, a man went unconscious after he fell in the gorge at Letchworth State Park. The man Eric Dumas, fell about 30 feet right before the brink of the falls.
State Police got down to the man and used the rescue basket with the helicopter to take him to Mercy...
New Laws You Need To Know in 2018
What will come out of your check this year? What do you need to know to not break the law? Here are some updates in 2018 that you should know coming from New York State.
Facebook Killer Found Dead Close to Buffalo
@PAStatePolice Steve Stephens was spotted by PA State Police in Erie PA. After pursuit, Stephens shot and killed himself. @cleveland19news @PaulOrlousky pic.twitter.com/RuLlpwD5cu
— Paul Orlousky (@PaulOrlousky) April 18, 2017
Breaking News: The search for Facebook Killer Steve Stephens ha…
WNY Underage Drinking Sting
Bars and restaurants in western New York are preparing for a sting by the Liquor Authority.  During the next two months the New York State Liquor Authority will be sending in decoys to see if bars admit them in or serve them.
According to WGRZ the underage decoys will be using fake drivers…
Vehicle Meth Lab found in WNY
New York State Police have made charges after finding a meth lab inside a vehicle in Jamestown. According to WGRZ two suspects were been stopped in front of a convenience store when police made the discovery of the substances.
The suspects were a male and female aged 26 and 22-years-old. T…
Police Arrest Niagara Falls Robbery Suspect
Police have made an arrest after a chase. According to WGRZ a Youngstown police officer made a traffic stop Friday night. The officer then recognized the passenger in the vehicle as Myquan Pringle, who had an active arrest warrant for a robbery in Niagara Falls...

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