10 Things You Shouldn’t Talk About on a First Date!
Val Townsend and I have 2 different experiences when it comes to dating.  Besides the obvious fact that she is a girl and I am a guy, she has actual experience dating in 2017 and I haven't done it since 1997.  I'm sure not much has changed and all the same rules still apply …
Tony P’s Tips To A Successful Thanksgiving
If you want to have a successful Thanksgiving, I have an easy 3 step plan that will make it possible.  If you follow these steps you will have memories for years to come.
1. TALK A LOT OF POLITICS - Look, EVERYBODY wants to hear your take on the election, why your candidate is best, and how…
Where to Vote This Tuesday
The big week is finally here, the Presidential Election is this Tuesday November 8th. If you registered to vote make sure where you know where you need to go to hit the polls.
Normally your county Board of Elections sends you a postcard reminding you of your polling place. Thi...
Eric Jordan Just Spotted Ken Bone Where?
Ever since the 2nd Presidential debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump the world has become smitten with a man named Ken Bone. Ken was one of the undecided voters who asked one of the questions during the debate. Since then he has become an internet sensation, with memes, videos, and even &a…
Sin City Showdown
Tonight's the night!  The final episode of the 3 part mini series that is the Presidential Debate will take place.  What better way to end the series then to have the finale in Las Vegas!
Maybe it's just a coincidence but could this have been planned out any better??  .…
‘Because I Said So’ Week in Review
Another great week has ended, but that doesn't mean you can't relive all of the fun!  Here is a recap of what you may have missed.  Happy Halloween!
- We had WNY Paranormal Researcher Mason Winfield in studio to talk about the Legend of the Pigman...
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Debate tonight! Plan on watching?
Voters across New York State tonight finally get a chance to see all four candidates for governor square off in a debate taking place in Buffalo. And it will be the campaign’s only debate.  Will you watch?  Take the poll and let us know!
Should We Redraw Our State Lines?
There were a lot of discussions after the last election about whether we should go with the a popular vote system instead of the electoral college. There are pros and cons on both sides, but one way to equal out the vote would be to redraw state lines to make the population of each state equal.

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