Super Stressed? Who Are You Taking It Out On? [POLL]
There's a TON going on. You're crazy busy at work. Your daughter's soccer game got rescheduled for the third time. You have no idea how you're going to afford a new roof.  Your doctor's appointment is running 45 minutes late.  The dog has a weird "thi…
Is there Life on the Newly Discovered 7 Planets? [POLL]
For the first time in our history, astronomers have discovered seven earth size planets. According to WGRZ they are orbiting a nearby star and these new worlds could sustain life. With this new discovery comes many questions.
My first question is do you believe there is possibly life forms livi…
What Did You Think of the Grammys? [POLL]
Last night was the 59th annual Grammy Awards! The night was full of performances from major stars, some better than others! I have read a lot of articles on the opinions of critics that watched the show, but I want to know what you think Take our polls below...
POLL: They’re Your Leaves on My Lawn, You Should Rake Them?
Today on the Mix Morning Rush Laura Daniels and I spoke about who's responsibility it is to rake the leaves in your lawn that didn't fall from your tree.
I personally believe that if the leaves off of my tree fall into my neighbors yard I should be the one to rake them for you. The...
Vote for Your Favorite Name for Our Cheerleader! [POLL]
Not until the 2016 Presidential Election will you make such an important decision.
Keith and I debuted our in-studio cheerleader doll, and gradually, she's become a silent member of the show.  So we need a name!
It takes us weeks to decide on which BAGEL we want...
Toilet Paper — Under or Over? [POLL]
We promise you hard-hitting news and tactical debates...like the age old question:  under or over?
Someone dug up the original patent for the toilet paper roll, from 1891.
It's by an inventor named Seth Wheeler, and in the patent drawing the roll is indeed, in the over position...

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