New Years Resolutions? [POLL]
Welcome to 2015!  Today we ask the question: Do you make New Years Resolutions?  Or do those people annoy you?  Or do you just not care?  Take the poll and let us know regardless.  Happy new year!  :)
Christmas Shopping Done Yet? [POLL]
Crunch-time is here!  Have you gotten all your Christmas Shopping done yet?  Or are you waiting til the VERY last minute?  Take our poll and see if you're the only one..........well, Dan also waits so, at least you and him.
POLL: Do You Think The Media Over-hypes The Snowfall?
Ah yes our first REAL snowfall of the year...not too bad a few flakes here and there, and yet every media source was all over this thing as if it was a regional emergency.  Do you think the media overreacts to the first snowfall?  Take the poll and let us know!
POLL: Ready For Snow?
Well it's here!  The first Lake Effect Snow Advisory of the year....are you ready?  Are you amped about it? Bummed?  Take the poll and let us know!

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