What’s Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie?
Honestly, I look forward every year for girl scout cookies. This year not ONE girl scout came to my house. Therefore, I had to outsource. Now, that I have had every cookie (minus the lemon ones...I can't stand lemon) I'll rank them. What's your favorite girl scout cookie?
What is Your Favorite Hostess Snack?
People are going absolutely mad over the idea that they will no longer have Twinkies in their life.  Maybe the thought of it is odd and hard to imagine a world without Twinkies, but I never really ate them anyway, so no big deal.
What JOY Listeners Think About Household Limit on Cats
When is too much really too much? The town of West Seneca is proposing to have a limit on the amount of cats that a single household can have. The problem is either, people cannot take care of the ones they have or there are so many just running around outside getting into garbage within West Seneca…

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