Buffalo Bills Fan Gets Team Flag Blessed by the Pope
It's been a long 17 years since the Buffalo Bills have made it to the playoffs and fans are starting to turn to a higher power to change that.  Like college sophomore Nicholas Iacono, who is studying abroad in Rome.
According to the Buffalo News back in November, when he was asked to b…
My Mom’s Papal Flask [PHOTOS]
Ahhh, my mom.
She went to Catholic school her whole life.
She raised me Irish Catholic.
And this sat on our mantel for years.
It wasn't til my brother was in his early teens that I found out what a devout Catholic she actually was........
Papal Pizza? [VIDEO + PHOTOS]
NYC is known for a lot of things, including their signature thin-crusted pizza.
So someone HAD to do it.
Call it sacrilege, but one NYC pizza chef spent a lot of time creating this papal pizza!
As WABC-TV in NYC reports, Tony Salihaj, the pizza chef at Bleecker Street Pizza in the West Village, spent 5…