Eric Jordan’s Birthday Surprise [VIDEO]
In honor of Eric Jordan's 25th birthday, 'Because I Said So' hosts Val Townsend and Tony P decided to give Eric a monumental gift to celebrate his first quarter century.  I mean who wouldn't want to get a car for their birthday??
Unfortunately for Eric we are in radio and our…
Japanese Office Prank [VIDEO]
The Japanese really don't mess around when it comes to office pranks.  Co-workers dedicate a huge amount of time to prank their office with a giant robot.  I have GOT to try this one on my fellow Mixies.  haha
Watch These Hilarious Black Friday Pranks [VIDEO]
For the past few years, Greg Benson has posted these prank videos, where he goes to a store with a list of ridiculous items that don't even exist and tries to get employees to help find them anyway. (He doesn't actually shoot the video on Black Friday...that would just be cruel.)

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