Kim Vs. Naya — Naked Pregnancy Photos [PHOTOS]
1.6 million people hit "like" when they saw this.  WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE????
As an aside, Naya Rivera posted a bit more classy (IMHO) pregnancy photo.
For the record, Naya wasn't "competing" with Kim....the photo was part of a shoot she did for Ya…
Unique Ways To Announce Pregnancy [VIDEOS]
As Mother's Day approaches, moms usually get wistful for when they were the center of attention...when everyone said they "glowed"...when they awaited their own little bundles of joy...when they enjoyed/suffered the wonders/agonies of pregnancy.
Common Anti-Inflammatory Drugs May Increase Miscarriage Risk
Beyonce, and other women in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, should be careful when using ibuprofen, naproxen, and other non-aspirin NSAID drugs, according to a Canadian study. Non -Steriodal Anti - Inflamatory Drugs, or NSAIDs, can more than double the risk of miscarriages, according to the new res…
Mom’s Sleeping Position Impacts Stillbirth Rates
I remember how uncomfortable I was at the end of both of my pregnancies.  Finding a good sleep position seemed impossible.  I never imagined that whether I slept on my back or side would make a difference, but now there's a new study that says your sleep position can  impact your…