Kanye West Will Run for President in 2020
Kanye West has been known for his prolific speeches that either cause controversy or make us scratch our heads in confusion. And unsurprisingly, he did the same thing when he accepted the Video Vanguard Award at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.
Jimmy Carter’s Cancer Battle
Former President Jimmy Carter held a press conference on Thursday to address his recent melanoma cancer diagnosis.
He appeared to be in good spirits when he announced that he will begin radiation treatment for cancer that has spread to his brain...
If JOY Listeners Were President, They Would….
Everyone has an opinion about politics and sometimes it gets overwhelming with the debates, commercials and constant views being thrown at you all of the time. In the midst of this political season, we asked JOY listeners on our facebook page to finish the statement "If I were president....&qu…
Second City For President Comedy Show
The political season is upon us.  The Democratic convention, the Republican convention, the mudslinging and the whole bit.  If you are looking for some comic relief on the issues, you have to see this show.
Who Will Get Your Vote for President? [POLL]
It's hard to believe that the Presidential Election is just over three months away. We will see a lot of campaigning and commercials for each candidate in the coming months. It also seems like the last few elections have been really close, and this years should be no exception.
Sarah Palin Says No To A Run For President [VIDEO]
After much speculation Sarah Palin, the former Alaskan governor has announced she will not run for President of the Unites States.
The announcemnet came last night in a letter to supporters and read on the Mark Levin radio program.
Sarah cited consideration of her family life as a top reason for her d…