Puppies + Slumber = Cuteness!
Here's a kind of burly guy with a really gentle touch when it comes to caring after the puppies.  Watch this, what should be patented technique to get these little buggers in order.  Even the wife (I presume) who is shooting the video is in some disbelief...
One Tired Pup [VIDEO]
Have you ever been dozing off on the couch or in a chair and you realize that you should really should just make your way to bed, but you're JUST TOO TIRED?
The 10 Cutest Tiny Dogs Ever
We're huge suckers for anything involving puppies, like skateboarding Santa dogs or Star Wars pups. (Come on-- how could you not be?!) We're equally obsessed with anything in miniature form. So what happens when the two are combined? Holy moly cuteness, that's what!
Puppy Fakes His Own Death [Video]
We've all heard of dogs "playing dead" but not like this!  Two pups are playing around a bit, one is extremely hyper or should I say dramatic!  Check out the video for a good laugh!