Randy Jackson

American Idol Getting Sued By Contestants
Maybe  they really just weren't that good. There are nine former American Idol contestants who are suing the TV show because they claim that they were kicked off the show for racist reasons.
Does ‘American Idol’ Need a Breath Of Fresh Air?
I’m super pumped Keith Urban is thinking about signing on to American Idol. Honestly, I probably would start to slowly stop watching the show if he doesn't accept the offer of 3 million bucks. Nikki Minaj is all for being a judge, they’re just working out details on her money sum, and of course…
Opening Week Ratings Drop For American Idol [VIDEOS]
The show is back that millions of people gather in front of the tv to watch each week through spring, American Idol. Idol is back for it's 11th season and was welcomed back by disappointing ratings this past Wednesday. The numbers were down nearly 27 percent from the opening show last…
American Idol Returns Tonight!
The tenth season premiere of Fox's "American Idol" kicks off tonight with famed musicians Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez making their debuts as judges.  Long-time "Idol" judge Randy Jackson says he's looking forward to