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The Dumbing Down of ‘Merica Continues
At the risk of sounding like my parents and grandparents...WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD THESE DAYS??  Why do we continue to celebrate morons in our society, and treat intelligence like a second class citizen.
The dumbing down of America has been happening for years, where ignoranc…
Hamburg Man to Appear on Fox Reality Show ‘Kicking & Screaming’
Photo: The Buffalo News
There's a local favorite to win Fox's next round of the reality show, "Kicking & Screaming."
According to an article in The Buffalo News, "Maxwell Carr, who grew up in Hamburg, attended Canisius High School and lives in Buffalo, is t…
Jon To Kate – Get A Life (Or At Least A Job) [VIDEO]
A confession, to begin this; I have never seen any episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8, or its sequel, Kate Plus 8 [I am neither proud nor ashamed by this. I just believe life is too short to watch televised looney tunes that don't feature Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, or Foghorn Leghorn (though if you h…
“Big Brother” Fans WAAAAAY Over The Top
I hate to start your day sounding like a crank. But sometimes I just have to.
I'll begin at the beginning. Every summer for the last few years, CBS-TV has aired a program called Big Brother. They put a number of people into a small "house", gives them simple tasks to perform, then waits for…
New Kutcher Reality Series Has VERY Unusual Setting
Whether you're a fan or not, you have to admit that Ashton Kutcher does keep busy. While still a star in That 70's Show, he developed , produced, and hosted Punk'd. Now, as he's about to join the cast of Two-And-A-Half Men, he's created and sold truTV on a new series set in.…
The Highest Paid Reality TV Stars
Okay, I admit it. On occasion when I have remote in hand and I'm surfing the channels I will land on reality shows for a minute or two. Did you ever wonder  how much money your favorite reality star makes?