Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black Tops Lady Gaga
Like her or not, Rebecca Black's music video "Friday" has topped Lady Gaga's "Born this Way" on YouTube! (I like her... she's appears to be a talented young kid doing something she loves. Why knock her?)
Are You Sick Of “Its Friday”?
One of the topics of conversation around my house over the weekend was the song " Its Friday" by Rebbecca Black. Cute and catchy, or incredibly annoying? I think in the end the Stevens house voted with annoying. Its certainly spawned a lot of parody videos.
Rebecca Black: The next Justin Bieber?
Here's a  story of a young lady who posted a music video on YouTube.  Rebecca Black's song is called "Friday" and has, of this posting, has more than 16-million views since it was put on YouTube a week ago.  Some say she's the next Justin Bieber...