Can You Be Thin – And Fat?
Have you heard of "skinny fat"? It's a real medical condition, and it can put those with the body type at risk for diabetes and hypertension - diseases usually associated with those who are moderately to severely overweight.
Watch Out For Hidden Salt!
Most of us know to avoid excess salt in our diets . But a new study from the federal Centers For Disease Control and Prevention says many foods have high levels of salt we're not even aware of!
Nice People Eat More; New Study
As if people struggling with their weight don't have enough to overcome, new research says being too nice may hurt your ability to eat sensibly in social settings!
What Makes You Yawn?
(And no, we're not talking about specific people, TV programs, or situations. Or The Situation, for that matter) I'd always heard that we yawn to get more oxygen into our bodies quickly. But, like so many things I thought were scientifically true, this is just plain wrong.
Christmas Gifts: Go Big, Then Go Home…
When it comes to gift-giving, we all know that "it's the thought that counts". But, if you have decided that someone on your shopping list deserves that expensive item this year, don't spend extra money on an additional "small" gift. A new study says it …

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