More About The Throwback Dance Party


An 80s Dance Party is Coming To Tonawanda Castle
Occasionally we get a call to the station suggesting that we throw retro music dance parties. Well, we're very busy and that's just about impossible, but we can tell you about these parties that others are throwing. There's an 80s dance party is coming to Tonawanda Castle, t…
CP Lacey Performs! [AUDIO]
As much as it LOOKS just like him, that's actually NOT the King of Pop -- it's CP Lacey, the MJ impersonator you'll see tonight at Joy FM's Throwback Dance Party! (He does Prince too...but we'll save that for tonight!)
Guests Get Groovy at Retro Disco Dance Party [PICTURES]
The abundance of costumed folks at the Hyatt on Friday night (October 26) weren't celebrating Halloween -- although they would have fit right in with the rest of the holiday revelers. Rather, the disco dresses, bell bottoms and afros were all for our Retro Disco Dance Party.

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