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BREAKING! Arrest Made In Buffalo Road Rage Incident
State Police have made an arrest in a road rage incident caught on camera.  Police say the driver of the truck, 46-year-old James Woelfle of Buffalo, has been arrested and charged with first degree reckless endangerment. He will be arraigned on Tuesday.  This incident was recorded last wee…
Channel Your Road Rage! [VIDEO]
Disclaimer - not an actual self-help video.  This WILL cause you to laugh hysterically until you're in tears and have to be physically restrained possibly.  Credit to The Onion via YouTube.
Road Rage Incident Caught On Camera In Louisiana [VIDEO]
WAFB TV in Baton Rouge Louisiana recently reported on a road rage incident that was caught on tape. In the dramatic video you'll see a woman drive erratically. jump out of her car, jump back into it and then throw a hand full of change at the front windshield of the car she feels harassed by.
Road Rage Caught On Tape! [VIDEO]
Here it is Thanksgiving Eve. Folks are thinking about what they are thankful for. Thinking about gathering for a festive dinner with family and friends. Yet for those who will venture out in search of Christmas bargains you are perhaps thinking about the craziness you will deal with in all the hustl…
The Bills Lost — Careful On Those Roads!
Yes, the Bills lost.  Miserably apparently.  I really wouldn't know...I don't follow sports except to be versed on who won and lost so I can express my condolences appropriately.  Something I've noticed over the years is the fact that the day after a Bills lose people o…
A True Story Of Road Rage
You here it all to often. Two people became involved in an altercation because of 'Road Rage". As Americans become more and more stressed the threat of road rage continues to rise.