Rob Banks

You Can Be One Of The Owners Of Hofbrauhaus Buffalo!
It's finally happening!!!
We've heard for a couple of years nearly now that Buffalo's Hofbräuhaus coming, but when? The restaurant, which has had set back after setback after before scrapping plans to build by Canalside. The location was supposed to be be adjac…
2018 Buffalo Summer Bucket List: The Jet Boat!
This is super fun, if you've never done this before. I've lived in Buffalo my whole life and have never take the 40 minute drive to do it, but it's totally worth it.
You can get totally drenched or you can stay dry under the cab if you have kids--after all, these are Class 6 rapids rig…
Everything Rob Banks Did To Rack Up Back Luck For Friday the 13th
All week long, we tried to see how much bad luck we could rack up before Friday the 13th so, we tried each of the most popular superstitions of bad luck.

Walked under 13 ladders on Elmwood
Opened up an umbrella 13 times inside the 13th floor of the Rand Building downtown
Broke 13 mirrors in Lafayette S…
Which NHL Players Are From Buffalo, NY? [LIST]
Who has played in the NHL from Buffalo?
Buffalo, who has taken over the title of Hockeytown USA as of late, surely has owned that title. After the Pegula's taking over the Buffalo Sabres, a lot of changes have been made, but there has always been a fair share of talent that has come out of Weste…