New Fee Targeted at Slobs in Western New York
The traffic was at a standstill when I approached the 90 east bound merger from 219 north on Monday morning. There was an accident at the 190 north ramp and had the morning commuters bumper to bumper. It gave me a chance to notice what was left behind after the winter along the side of the road and …
Will Travel For (Bad) Food
In WNY, we know our casual food.
From Duff's to Ted's to Anderson's and Jim's Steakout and a million in between....we do it up!
BUT there are SOME places we DON'T have (yet)...and we're willing to travel to for greasy, fattening, comforting, delicious guilty pleasures...
So Cool! Ninja Warrior Course Is Open in Rochester!
You can literally participate in events that are seen on the TV show, “American Ninja Warrior”. No matter how good you think you'll be at this – it's harder than it looks!
At Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics they have 7’ and 10&CloseCurlyQuote…
Zika Virus In Rochester!
The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle is reporting that a resident is sickened by the virus up until now was reported in South America.
The patient is unidentified and has recovered.  Thee is no likelihood that the virus was transmitted to anyone else there, health officials said. Th..…

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