Tony Tries: William Street School Triathlon [VIDEO]
This week we had a very special Tony Tries.  It was special because normally it takes place on Tuesdays, and because this one was at my son's school.  I was challenged by William Street School to try their Triathlon.
When the school reached out to see if we would do our show at t…
Four Benefits of Walking if You Aren’t Into Running [SPONSORED]
Running obviously has a ton of health benefits, but not everyone can get out there and jog 10 miles to burn calories. Fortunately, studies are showing that walking can be just as good for your overall health (THANK GOD), and in some cases is even more beneficial than running (especially around a poo…
Dan’s Top 7 Running Jams
Sunny and temperatures in the 70s this week!  Oh yeah, let running season begin!  No matter how much time you spent on the treadmill at the club or at home you know NOTHING beats a run outside!
..and if you're like me you need your running setlist to motivate...
WNY St. Greg’s Race Draws Over 1,000 Runners [VIDEO]
We were honored to be a part of the 20th Annual Western New York St. Gregory the Great Great Race!  Over 1,000 runners participated in the event this year, which was followed by a huge post-race party. This is a great tradition to be involved with.
Running Hacks! [VIDEO]
Whether you're a 'gym rat' on the treadmill or gearing up for the Spring (hopefully soon!)...enjoy these tips to help your run!
See Over 800 Santas Running in Germany
Roughly 800 people put on Santa costumes for the Fourth Annual Michendorf Santa Run in Michendorf, Germany. The race is sponsored by Laufclub Michendorf (which translated means Michendorf Running Club, imagine that) and is 10 kilometers long. You can't quite tell from these pictures, but it actually…