Are You Afraid of What Laura Is?
The past few weeks have been absolutely hilarious with Laura and nothing short of entertaining. I’ve learned a lot about her…perhaps even too much, but I don’t mind. Today, a mascot walked off the elevator at 7 this morning and she had a MELT DOWN.
Man Lies & Tells Children Santa Isn’t Real; Arrested
Basically, the grinch was arrested this past weekend was right across the border in Canada. A 24-year old man was telling children at a Santa Claus parade in Ontario, Canada. Who knows if he was drinking or what but, to tell such lies so close to the jolliest time of the year just may land him on th…
Santa Stats: Man This Dude Is FAST!
For every 1 minute on the Christmas day, Santa Claus has to visit 1,163,194.44 homes if the average home consisted of 4 people, to deliver all presents for the whole Earth.
Merry Christmas From The Snyder Fire Department
What a wonderful Christmas Eve treat. Members of the Snyder Fire Department cruised the neighborhoods this Christmas Eve spreading the good will of the holiday with Santa waving to everyone from the fire truck. I caught the moment

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