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Now’s the Time to Book Holiday Flights!
Ok, admittedly, this is a week old. But as Blanche Devereaux says, "Better late than pregnant!" (LOL, shout out to my fellow Golden Girls fans....)
According to, now is a pretty good time to buy your holiday flight.

Tickets for Christmastime are about 19% cheaper than normal n…
Some Post-Christmas Sales Are Even Better Than Black Friday!
I've admitted it before -- I'm not a fan of shopping.  I just don't have the shopping gene.  But these sales may get me to flip the script in the coming days!

Old Navy -- Up to 75% off in stores, and up to 50% off online!  Ends 12/31/12
Forever 21 -- 30% off til 1/2/13
Amazon -- Up to 70% off clothing …
Tips On How To Save Money On Bottled Water
It's been going on for years. Everyone loves to carry water with them. Whether it's in the car, at home, or at work. But how much is it costing you? These days we all need to save money. My preference is for the Britta water system. I use it at home and on the go...