Beware of this Netflix Scam
Netflix users (ones that actually pay for it and not using friends login) you might want to double check your bank statement. Police are warning of users receiving a scam email, which gives the appearance of an authentic email from Netflix, asking for an update on account information.
SCAM ALERT — Wegman’s Is NOT Giving Away $200 Coupon
If you see something like this come up in your Facebook feed, do NOT click on it.  It is a SCAM!
While Wegman's is working to find out who created this, do not click on it.  There is a possibility it is loaded with viruses, spyware, and other icky computer things you just don't wa…
If You Receive a Check from Walmart It’s Likely a Scam
One Walmart employee said that she works there and these checks look nothing like what they issue. Another from a Texas location says, "Our Walmart doesn't issue checks. Direct deposit or debit card only." So beware, this is likely an attempt by scammers designed to clean out …
How To Know If A Charity Is A Scam
A new survey says America is the second most charitable country in the world this year, second only by the people of Myanmar.
Obviously charities raise a LOT of their money at this time of year.
Unfortunately it's also open season for SCAMMERS...
Catfishing — Don’t Be Manti
So, by now you've heard (covered around 6:15am on Monday)...I got in a little "trouble" with our consultant, who ripped me a new one for not overly-covering this ridiculous Manti T'eo catfishing story.
I apologize if I've let you down, JoyFM'ers...

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