American Horror Story Season 7 Title Revealed [VIDEO]
The long anticipated 7th season of American Horror Story has been finally named!  If you are a fan of the show like I am then you are jumping out of your skin with excitement.  The only bad part of the show is that is takes place in the fall which means summer is over...
‘Scary Lucy’ Artist Quits Sculpting [AUDIO]
David Poulin, the creator of the 'Scary Lucy' statue, has decided to hang it up for good.  Just to make sure he never sculpts again he has taken the extra step of donating his $15,000 equipment to the Buffalo Maritime Center.
David has been sculpting for 27 years, and has created…
Laura Daniels Gets a Halloween Scare
Happy Halloween!!! You or may not be aware that Laura Daniels is deathly afraid of all things Scary and Halloween. So this morning I decided to give Laura a proper Halloween scare.  I decked out our studio. Check out the video and her reaction below...
Val and Tony P’s Terrifying Tour
Val Townsend & Tony P are live from Frightworld 4-7pm, and once the show ends the HORROR begins!
Ten lucky listeners and their guests will be loading up the Haunted Tour Bus courtesy of First Student Charters Bus rentals.  The negative is that the bus is haunted...but it...
Creepy Dolls Are The Worst
I am the proud father of a 5 year old girl, who in turn is the proud owner of a bedroom full of dolls.  All different kinds of dolls and strollers...and when I am home alone they all creep me out!
I refer to my daughter as my heart, and like most Dads she has me wrapped around her finger. …
Halloween – The Costume Is Everything
We are knee deep into fall, which means the best holiday is right around the corner.  No, not Columbus Day.  Do you even get off of work for that?  I'm talking about Halloween, and although you don't get off work for that one either, it does reward you with candy...
Scariest Movie? [POLL]
Ok it's the week to scary-movie binge!  Mwhahahaha!  Get your popcorn ready and hold your significant other or blankie tight and take our "Scariest Movie" poll!
Halloween week is here and that means haunted houses and spooky fun!  Dan and the crew check out Frightworld on French road in Cheektowaga.  "Come on let's go!!!"

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