Sleep Remains A Mystery
Once people find out I work overnights here at the New 96.1 Joy-FM, they usually ask me how I can sleep during the day. I wish I had a better answer than the truth, which is: I've just always been able to. Then again, sleep in general is pretty mysterious.
YOUR Cellphone Is Making ME Stupid!
Clever, amusing, and memorable your cellphones' ring tone may be. But new research claims that it may be so distracting that it causes those around you to remember less information, and need more time to get back to top speed after it stops ringing!
What Makes You Yawn?
(And no, we're not talking about specific people, TV programs, or situations. Or The Situation, for that matter) I'd always heard that we yawn to get more oxygen into our bodies quickly. But, like so many things I thought were scientifically true, this is just plain wrong.
Christmas Gifts: Go Big, Then Go Home…
When it comes to gift-giving, we all know that "it's the thought that counts". But, if you have decided that someone on your shopping list deserves that expensive item this year, don't spend extra money on an additional "small" gift. A new study says it …
Can A Broken Heart Kill?
A broken heart. We've all had one, at least once in our lives. You. Me. Even Ashton and/or Demi. You've probably even heard of people who are said to have "died of a broken heart". But can that really happen?
New Planet/New Answers
You're looking at the youngest picture yet of a planet being born. The formation of Lk Ca 15 b should give scientists the best chance yet to see how a certain kind of planet - "gas giants" - evolve into fully-formed bodies.
Internet Contact Lenses [Video]
Today we have computers and smart phones to get us on the Internet. I joke with people that can't go anywhere with out their smart phone in their hand that someday it will be wired right into their brain. That way they're always wired in...