Where to Find the Best Cyber Monday Deals — Dollars and Sense
For those holiday shoppers wanting a second chance at the deals they might have missed over Thanksgiving weekend, Cyber Monday awaits. And while there may be a bit less hand-to-hand combat involved, industry experts say that Cyber Monday is great for bargains—as long as you know where to look.
Black Friday Sales — Don’t Believe The Hype!
You know how it used to be. You'd spend Black Friday Eve in your car or standing in line outside the store with the best deals. Now you've got to leave the dirty dishes in the sink, so you can be at the stores at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving night. Sounds more exciting, doesn't it? Maybe ther…
12 Things Not to Buy This Holiday Season [PICTURES]
When it comes to the holidays, we always seem to have one thing on our minds: SHOPPING! We think of who we have to buy gifts for, what places to shop, store hours, shopping budgets...the list goes on and on.
Holiday shoppers are always thinking of what to buy, but do they ever stop and think what not…
Door-Busting = The New Turkey?
If 40 is the new 30, and red is the new black, is Thanksgiving the new Black Friday?
This morning's discussion struck a major nerve with you:  many major retail stores are foregoing the usual midnight- or 6am-opening on Black Friday, and going with 8pm, even 6pm ON Thanksgiving to sta…

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