Reason 2,423,877 to Quit Smoking: It Ruins Sleepy Time
As the surgeon general helpfully details on every pack of cigarettes, there are many health problems associated with smoking. But here's a new one: Smoking can cause restless nights.
German researchers surveyed the sleep habits of 1,100 smokers and 1,200 non-smokers...
Sleeping In on the Weekends Could Actually Ruin Your Work Week
For some people, the weekend is spent trying to catch up on all the sleep they deprived themselves of throughout the course of the last week. Yet, while sleeping in can be somewhat of a godsend, new research finds that it might actually make you more tired throughout the week.
Can We Learn Even When We’re Asleep?
All-night cram sessions are commonplace for students. But even though we know being sleep-deprived could be counter-productive, it seems learning doesn’t have to stop just because we nod off.
How Many Americans Drink Coffee? [POLL]
I'm tired today.  I didn't get a lot of sleep because my wife had to run my sister-in-law to the hospital.  Turns out she had a kidney stone.  I had to watch her kids for her and was up late last night.  Cheryl had offered to grab me some coffee this morning.  I to…
Would You Sleep In A Coffin? These Guys Did!
Would you sleep in a coffin?  You're probably wondering why I would even ask that question.  I came across a story in the news today about two guys in Tennessee who were caught sleeping in coffins at a funeral home.  Who would do that?
How Much Sleep Do You Need?
The problem with new medical studies it just makes things more complicated! Too little sleep is bad, but too much sleep can be bad! What's a person to do? People who sleep less than
How Not To Wake Up Looking Tired
Here's a girl tht can party all night and still look fabulous.  Ok back to the world of reality.  Ugghh.... Is that the alarm clock going off so soon ? You could of sworn you laid down 15 minutes ago and now you have to get up. Not having enough sleep can lead you to feel sluggis…

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