Owner and Dog Make Snow Angels Side by Side [VIDEO]
Anyone in the need of a quick fix happiness to brighten your day? This is bound to put smile on your face! Watch this adorable dog make snow angels with its owner!! Who said only people enjoy the winter??
Eventually when I am a "Dog Dad" I will train my pup to do the same! Doe…
December Snowfall Above Average
It seemed like the nice warm weather was gonna last forever... we made it pretty far into December without any snow! But then it came, and we got hit hard.
According to WGRZ snowfall totals for this December are already above average and that's even with the late start. Nor...
Winter Arrives This Week! The Latest Lake-Effect Storm Predictions
Here's the full Lake Effect Warning notice according to the National Weather Service:
To sum up, Chautauqua and Southern Erie counties are the areas to be on alert, and you're looking at storm totals in the range of "it missed us totally" to more than two feet in persisten…
3 Feet of Snow in Hawaii??
Story of snow on Big Island of Hawaii is very cool & visual. However it happens all the time. Even in the tropics 11-13,000' is cold. @WGRZ
— Patrick Hammer (@pathammer) December 2, 2016
When you think of places like Hawaii, you think of beautiful weather.…
First Lake Effect Snow Fall Totals for Erie County
It finally happened, the cold temperatures are here and so is the snow! Wondering what the lake effect total was for your town? Here are the first totals for Erie County according to WGRZ. 
EAST CONCORD        11.6"
COLDEN          …
Warnings and Tips for WNY Snow Plowing Scams
It's here... snow is in the forecast for this weekend, which means the need for snow plowing services will also be here. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is warning WNY about possible scammers that are working in private snow plowing services...
A New Weather Record In Buffalo Broken Yesterday
January 14 used to have a record-high snowfall of 6.4" set in 2012 for that date, but that was beat January 14, 2016 by exactly a foot coming in at 7.4". It's been a record breaking Winter season here in Buffalo as other daily records have been broken, including the latest fir…

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