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How to See If Anyone Has Logged Onto Your Facebook
Ever have a suspicion someone besides yourself has been logging into your Facebook account? Not sure how to prove it or make sure it's not happening? Follow these easy steps now to check.
1.)Go to Facebook Click Settings>Security>Where You're Logged In
2.) Cli...
How To Totally Avoid Your Ex on Facebook
If you've just gone through a break-up, this time of year can be particularly challenging, especially if social media has become your new BFF.
This seems counter intuitive, but Facebook actually introduced a feature that DOESN'T violate your privacy...
Do You Engage In Social Media Arguments?
Yesterday, Rose McGowen lost her cool on Instagram when someone "accused" her of looking like Michael Jackson in a photo she posted. She full-on engaged with some jerk who felt it necessary to attack her from behind the digital shield.
Remembering 9/11 — With a Pizza Special?!
Today is the 11th anniversary of 9/11 -- a day of remembrance, and a day to honor those lost 11 years ago in one of America’s greatest tragedies. But did you know you could celebrate by getting a large cheese pizza for $9.11? What a deal!
Stats Show Where Moms Go on Internet [INFOGRAPHIC, POLL]
We love social media and most people today are on some sort of social media site. According to this infographic, that doesn't exclude busy moms, with 72 percent of moms being on Facebook, and one in three bloggers now being moms. That's a lot of moms! What we found interesting is that Pinterest is n…
Using Slurs No Big Deal For Young Adults – New Poll
A new poll says young people are more likely to use racial and sexual slurs in a casual manner than older people. The survey, sponsored by the Associated Press and MTV, notes that most teens and 20-somethings are pretty blase about pejorative words referring to race or sexual tendencies if used by …