Sofia Vergara

Watch Sofia Vergara Use Lip Flip to Bring Down Jimmy Fallon
Sofia Vergara knew exactly what she was doing the second she took the 'Tonight Show' stage last night. The 'Modern Family' star was hellbent on one thing: playing one of host Jimmy Fallon's favorite games (and we know how much Fallon loves games) and using it to totally turn…
How To Get This Look
If an event is coming your way, it's always nice to get a little glam inspiration from the award shows. Sofia Verga is always on top of the best dressed list. Lets be honest, Sofia could put on a brown paper bag and poke hole on the side for her arms and still start a fashion trend.
Sofia Vergar Priemieres Fashion Line With K-mart
I remember when Jacqueline Smith started her K-mart collection. I don't recall many celebrity lines at the time.  Smith was one of the first to start cashing in on her celebrity when it came to the world of fashion. She is not a "designer" , but she has managed to build a…