Tony P Gets Scared To Death at Frightworld [VIDEO]
On Friday night we had our Mix96 Halloween Bus Tour, and with that came tour stops at Frightworld, House of Horrors, and the Exit Room.  At the end of the night we went back to Frightworld to enter the remaining houses.
I am scared to death of spiders, and one of the houses in particular -…
Face Your Fears: Easier Said Than Done
I am terrified of spiders and that is not weird.  Lots of people are afraid of spiders, and why not, they are creepy.  Eight legs, too many eyes, and the way they walk around.  There is so much to be afraid of, including that they can KILL you...
How To Spider Proof Your Home [VIDEO]
We live near Lake Erie and the air is moist. There are lots of spiders congregating on my house when it becomes warm out. My wife had me killing about four a day last year so this year I'm taking action. I don't want spiders on my house, they are gross and they freak my family out.
This Woman Is Really Really Afraid of Spiders [VIDEO]
We all have our fears, for me, it's amusement park rides, except for a nice slow moving Ferris wheel. For this mom, it's spiders. What you're about to see is real, no acting. She really shouldn't be so scared of the spider because she's much higher up on the food chain, but …
Jeff Musial Freaks Out Fallon [VIDEO]
In case you missed it, Jeff Musial was on Jimmy Fallon's show last night freaking Jimmy out (can't blame him) with Mexican Tarantulas.  You may remember Jeff when we hosted his show here in Buffalo.