St. Patrick's Day

EPIC Party On St. Patty’s Day!
Kristen from EPIC (Every Person Influences Children) was on with Dan Rinelli to let everyone know about their St. Patrick's Day Event taking place during the parade.  Listen below:
Sounds like it's gonna be a great time!  EPIC s a national not-for-profit organization dedicate…
76th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade Route in Buffalo
The St. Patrick's Day parade will again start on Delaware Avenue from the Delaware Circle at City Hall and travel to North St. It's pretty much a straight line. This year the route for The Old Neighborhood St. Patrick's Day Parade has changed, but this year the larger parade scheduled…
Vote for the Cutest Buffalo LepreTot
Why should the adults have all the fun during the wearing of the green!?!  Think you and your family have the MOST Irish spirit in Buffalo for St. Patrick's Day?! Well show off just how into St. Patty's you are by submitting a photo of your kid(s) decked out for the greenest day of th…
Buffalo’s 2016 Grand Marshal Of St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Jennifer Letina will be Grand Marshal Of St. Patrick's Day Parade here in Buffalo this year! She's the third member of her family to have the honor. Her uncle was the grand marshal in 1993 and her mother was in 2003.
Buffalo's parade, which is one of the largest in the country, has dra…
Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Dan [VIDEO]
Hi I'm Dan Rinelli!  How do I enjoy MY St. Patrick's Day and kill time at work at the same time?  Well I find the co-worker with the most Irish name and bug them with my really bad Irish accent of course.  Thanks to Samantha for enduring through this.

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