Tyrod Taylor has the Most Expensive Groin in WNY!
Buffalo Bills Quarterback Tyrod Taylor elected to have groin surgery for a sports hernia on Thursday, which effectively starts the clock on whether he will get the guaranteed money from his contract.
Tyrod's contract has an injury guarantee in it that will pay him close to $30M dollar…
Foot Plastic Surgery For High Heel Wearers? [VIDEO]
Ladies and gentlemen , I get the fashion thing. I understand that the fashionistas out there will do whatever it takes to wear the latest styles. But when "whatever it takes" involves injections to permit wearing the new, higher high heels, isn't it time to say nuh-uh?
Brett Michaels Heart Surgery
Phoenix hospital officials report that the rocker Bret Michaels’ heart surgery was a successful. The surgeons from St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Care had to close a hole in Michaels’ heart. A hospital spokeswoman says Michaels is recuperating and r…