Tony Tries: William Street School Triathlon [VIDEO]
This week we had a very special Tony Tries.  It was special because normally it takes place on Tuesdays, and because this one was at my son's school.  I was challenged by William Street School to try their Triathlon.
When the school reached out to see if we would do our show at t…
Peeing In The Pool With Ryan Lochte [VIDEO]
Closing ceremonies capped off what will be a memorable Olympics for many athletes.  Among the many highlights of course was a rivalry between U.S. swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte.  Phelps came away from the 2012 games the most decorated Olympian in the history books.  Lochte a…
How Cold Is Too Cold For A Dip In The Pool?
This is my son.  He couldn't wait any longer.  He just had to jump in the pool on Mother's Day, even though the water temperature was only 58 degrees.  Yep, just 58 degrees.  Which raises the question how cold is too cold for a dip in the pool?