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Shells Made of Fried Chicken at Taco Bell
Every once in a while a fast food chain creates a game changer, i.e. (The Big Mac, Chicken Fries, Double Down ) and now Taco Bell hopes to add to this list with their new concept.
Coming to Taco Bell stores nationwide January 26th the company will be selling "The Naked Chicken Cha…
Katy Perry Runs For The Boarder — Waits An Hour [PHOTO]
Dunno about you, but I LOVE me a Cheesy Gordita Crunch every once in a while....apparently, KP had a craving too, while on tour in Tokyo.
She waited an HOUR online at a Taco Bell there...but she had her black silken surgical mask on...so while she may have had high sodium levels for the day, she did …
Buffalo Taco Wars – Who’s Your Favorite?
Mighty Taco, which opened here in 1973 and has 18 local stores and expanded for the first time outside of the Buffalo area.  Mighty taco is now open down the thruway in Rochester. 
With Rochester finally getting a taste of Mighty Taco, we were wondering what your favorite place is in Buffal…

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