This Tattoo Removal Will Change Your Mind
Have you ever had a tattoo that you really just hate and would love to get it removed?
It costs a ton of money and it's painful, but look how they actually do it!
Have you ever gotten one removed? Did it hurt?
Man Mutilates His Face to Look Like His Pet Parrots [VIDEO]
Ted Richards (no relation to Mark Richards) is 57-years-old and still can't get over being teased in school about his large ears. Ted always wore his hair long an now has taken the disguise ever further. He has over 1,000 tattoos, 50 piercings, and in an act of self mutilation, he has removed h…
Love In Ink? (UPDATED)
It's my contention that the minute you get someone else's name tattooed on your body, that relationship is instantly doomed.  Angelina Jolie proved it time and time again.
However, this one takes the cake.
See this adorable 18 year old Russian girl...
Toddler Tattoo (WARNING/VIDEO)
*Warning:  While this video is not graphic, it's pretty disturbing to hear this kid cry out while he gets a tattoo against his will.  Please use discretion.*
I'm pretty outraged by this, and hoping against hope it ends up being a hoax.  There are a lot of unconfirmed reports …
One Direction –> Tattoo Regret
Harry Styles, 18, of your daughter's favorite band One Direction recently had 2 swallows tattooed on his chest.  He said that while it hurt (I bet!), he chose swallows because he likes "the old sailor kind of tattoos" (the swallow symbolizes travelling, and the band certa…

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