6 New Things Getting Taxed in 2018 in New York [LIST]
This man loves taxes.
New York State is by far the state with the highest tax burden in the United States at 12.94%. Governor Cuomo is looking for $1 billion more in taxes coming this year--and we all know where who ends up paying for it in the end...
Over 250K Bogus Tax Refund Claims Stopped, $450M Saved
The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance stopped 252,000 bogus refund claims in 2014, saving taxpayers $450 million, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced in a press release.
Already this year, the Department has stopped $331 million in fraudulent and erroneous refund claims—a trend p…
The 2013 Tax Deadline Is Tonight!
Did you take care of your taxes yet?? Hopefully you did. Otherwise you will be one of the millions scrambling to get their taxes in by tonight's deadline.
Important Tax Questions You Should Be Asking
It's that time of year again. I remember back in the day, my father would break out the pencils, calculator and boxes of receipts and settle in for what seemed like an exhausting weekend of figuring out the family's taxes. We were told not to bother dad because it was "important s…

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