Top 5 Jobs That Will Make You Obese
A survey of about 100,000 professionals was taken to see what jobs destory your body (or at least, don't help it much). While sales people lead the pack as the professionals with the least amount of obese workers, lets explore to see which are the heaviest...
Tweeting About a Teacher Can Backfire!
We all have had that one teacher in school we didn't like. More times than not, I've found it was the class we were doing the worst in. I had a Geometry teacher in New Jersey who I couldn't stand because I didn't understand anything she tried to teach. I was a good student, but I just didn't get her…
Teacher Afraid of Students, Retires Than Sues
YoutubeA junior high school teacher, or former teacher I should say is suing the school district for apparently discriminating against her because she has pedophobia a fear of young children. But, now here’s what’s happening.