Team USA

Laura Daniels Favorite Olympics Moment [VIDEO]
Another summer Olympic games has come and gone, and there was no shortage of things to talk about.
From the opening ceremonies with the greased-up Tongan flag-bearer, to Michael Phelps' death stare, there were a lot of interesting moments in 2016's games...
Matt Anderson’s Mom Talks Olympics and More [VIDEO]
Who would have ever thought Matt Anderson would be heading to the Olympics someday a few years back when he was playing volleyball for West Seneca West? His mom, that's who! Joe and Cheryl spoke with Nancy Anderson about her son and his journey to represent the USA.
Gold Medal The Hard Way
American Alicia Sacramone became the most-decorated US woman's gymnast Tuesday evening when the American team won the World Championships in Tokyo. At the time, Sacramone was thousands of miles away from Japan, in fact, back in the United States. Confused? Well, it's really quite simp…