Buffalo Teenagers Take Lemonade Stand to New Levels
"Lemonade Day" was last month where we encouraged young people  to build their own lemonade stand and become entrepreneurs for a day! Well these two young men have decided to keep their stand going and are taking it to new heights.
I was driving down Delavan Avenue and Rosyln o…
Is It OK to Let Teenagers Drink Alcohol?
There’s always a dispute between whether or not it’s a good idea for parents to let their teenagers drink alcohol. Does it discourage use later? Does it prepare them for when theyre in college? Iis it a good or bad idea to let them drink early and is it OK if theyre not out of control? I have way to…
New Research Reveals Overweight Teens Get Bad Grades
There are many dangers that can come from being an overweight or obese teenager, including the risk of developing chronic conditions like heart disease, Type-2 diabetes and stroke.
However, new research indicates that teens suffering from obesity might be at risk for acquiring more than just poor hea…
Study: Profanity Linked To Teen Aggression
There's a new study out that finds profanity is NOT harmless.  Numerous studies have looked at the link between watching violence in the media and increased teen aggression, but few have considered the relationship between profanity and your child's behavior.