Watch Bill Murray Take a Tumble on an MSNBC Set [VIDEO]
There have been rumors that Bill Murray enjoys a drink or two, well, after seeing this, you'll agree that he was most likely was having a lot of fun in the city the other day. After being a part of the last episode of Letterman, and the after parties, Bill Murray literally crashed an MSNBC set.
David Letterman’s Final Show Will be on May 20th [VIDEO]
All I can say is, Dave, thanks for the memories. In my opinion, by far, David Letterman is, and now was, the best in late night television. Yes, better that Carson and Leno combined. He had a natural funniness about him and he seemed to poke just the right amount of fun at those who should be teased…
Here is The 2014 Holiday Programs TV Schedule
Do you have many of the holiday classics on VHS tapes? I do, and they are collecting dust as we now live in the DVR age. Well moms and dads, we're here to help you set your DVRs and TiVo in order to catch all the holiday classics for the family to enjoy.

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