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Man Gets Revenge with 6-Twelve Franchise
They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but in 2017 that slogan may change.  A man took revenge on his former company in a very creative way.  Abu Musa used to franchise a 7-Eleven...now he owns a 6-Twelve.
You see, Abu was sick and tired of how corporate would rule over his 7-Eleven franc…
Prices at Tim Hortons Have Increased
If grabbing a coffee at your local Tim Hortons is a part of your daily routine then you may have noticed something different. Prices have increased on several items. Apparently the increase happened yesterday at all locations. So how much more will you exactly be paying...
Guy in Buffalo Wins Car from Tim Hortons [VIDEO]
Did you hear that the car being given away by Tim Hortons for Roll Up the Rim to Win has been won! A man right here in Buffalo was the grand prize winner. I am not exactly thrilled with this news! Listen above for the details.
What do you think? Com...
Big Day for Coffee (and Contest) Lovers in Buffalo!
A sight we're all familiar with in Buffalo is about to make it's annual comeback today -- the city's streets littered with empty Tim Horton's cups with the rims rolled up.
The littering isn't for good reason, but the participation in the Roll Up The Rim certainly is...
Thankful Thursday [VIDEO]
It's the first official 'Thankful Thursday' of November.  Every Thursday this month we will be giving thanks and paying it forward around town.  Let's not forget about the holiday that comes before Christmas!
Today Val Townsend and I went to Tim Horton's …
How Well Do You Know Tim Horton’s? Take This Quiz!
Our pals at Buzzfeed knows right where to hit us (especially us morning people!)...at our coffee-loving heart!  Most of us can't live without it, and we have our go-to order that just makes our morning complete!
They put together this fun quiz to see how well you REALLY know your Tim Horton…
Toronto Man Steals Bus to Go to Tim Horton’s!
Sometimes, you just really, REALLY need your Timmy Ho's fix!
One Toronto man decided the best way to get his java on was to wield a knife and hijack a city bus. It didn't work out too well for him, but I was totally waiting for Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves to show up somewhere in this st…
11 Foods + Drinks That Scream Buffalo [VIDEO]
Loganberry, sponge candy, beef on weck -- Buffalo and Western New York are no stranger to their 'specialty' foods, beverages and chain eateries. Check out some of the top Buffalo 'specialty foods' and tell us your favorite!

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