Texting Tips from Eric Jordan and Nicki Minaj [VIDEO]
We all have our own pet peeves when it comes to certain things. Little did I realize, but I have many when it comes to text conversations with people. Listen above to hear those pet peeves.
Also here are some of the texting tips that Nicki Minaj tweeted out:
Ok if u ever text me a smiley f…
Watch Laura Daniels with UB Football Tip #1 [VIDEO]
If you're heading to this Friday's home opener against Albany, you'll catch my mug up on the big screen during plays with a fun little series we call "Rules of the Game".  Let us know what you think!
In the meantime, BE COUNTED!  Get your UB Football season …
Common Mistakes Made Cooking Thanksgiving Turkey
We called the Butterball Hotline earlier, and asked some of your questions....legit or otherwise (listen at 7:10a tomorrow morning to hear the call!).
(For the record, no, you cannot use frozen giblets as ice cubes for your cocktail.)
Since we played it kind of tongue-in-cheek there, we decided to sha…
Time Management for Thanksgiving??? YES!
I don't have kids (of the 2-legged variety), but I do have a best friend with 3 under 10, and a cousin with a 14-month old and a 2 year old.  I live the "family life" vicariously through them, and I see how bananas things can get on a regular old Tuesday...