‘Because I Said So’ Week in Review – 7/23/17
What a week!  A tornado hits, OJ gets paroled, I got a speeding ticket, and 'Because I Said So' with Val Townsend and Tony P got some great ratings!  Thank you to everyone who listens to our show, we couldn't have done it without you!
July continues to fly by, and if yo…
Tornado Watch in Full Effect for Erie County
It's a twister, its' a twister!  Hopefully it will not come to fruition and drop a house on anybody!  There is a Tornando watch in Erie County through 10pm.  If you look at the map below, according to the National Weather Service, everything in yellow is under Tornado Watch.…
Walking The Path Of The Moore, Okla. Tornado [MULTIMEDIA]
Tornadoes are an incredibly destructive force of nature, and they form just as quickly as they dissipate! Forecasters can more accurately predict the area a tornado will form in, but they still have no idea how big it will become or the exact path the tornado will take.

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