This Fake Toy Playset Has the Internet Freaking Out!
This week a photo of a fake Fisher-Price toy went viral. The photo of the toy was for "Happy Hour Playset", in which it was a bar for toddlers complete with bar stools!
According to WGRZ internet comedian Amiri King shared this fake photo to his Facebook page...
Most Dangerous Toys of the Year!!! [LIST]
One of my all-time favorite episodes of SNL was the "Holiday Edition of Consumer Probe" from 1976 with the incomparable Dan Akroyd. He defends 'Bag of Glass' and a teddy bear with a built in chainsaw. (Watch it here!)
Unfortunately, there are some real toys out there …
I Demand A Recount
Tuesday's election results have some people really upset. Let me tell you what I'm really upset about.
Perhaps only second to the allure of a big, empty cardboard box, bubble wrap is the best non-toy toy for kids (ok, me too) throughout all generations lucky enough to be alive in the age of…

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