Construction to Close Part of I-90 Tonight
A reminder that tonight part of the I-90 will be closed for road construction.
According to NITTEC that construction will take place on the the section of the I-90 between the William Street and 190 exits. To fix the bridge that was hit this past July...
What These Parents Did on This Flight Blew Eric’s Mind
So I just got back home from my vacation to Mexico. Though I have many memories from the resort itself, one particular memory really stood out.
My flight to Mexico was out of the Toronto Airport. It was a five-hour non-stop flight and every seat was completely sold out...
What Are the Cheapest Days to Book a Vacation out of Buffalo?
If you're getting ready to get out of this snow here in Western New York, make sure you remember some of these general dates where prices drop. One day can make a difference between paying a boat load and getting a killer deal.
First off, weekdays are always cheaper in general...
Best Ranked Hotels Around Buffalo, NY [LIST]
Take into account that besides the awesome hotels that these landmarks are the locations of some of them are right where you want them to be if you are exploring Buffalo, NY.
According to Tripadvisor here are the top 10 ranked hotels in Buffalo, NY...

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