Val & Tony P’s Orangetheory Fitness Workout [SPONSORED]
As part of our (and so many others) New Years resolutions, Val and I decided we wanted to get into great shape.  Turns out you have to work for it and what better place to start than Orangetheory Fitness.  We ventured in for a workout, and they made us work for it...
Don’t Have Time To Walk Your Pets? Try This… [VIDEO]
Sometimes I feel so bad if I don't have time to walk our two pups, Meisha and Bella. After All, everybody needs a little fresh air and exercise! Well, here's a substitute for the exercise if I can figure out how somebody got these two cute cats on a treadmill. Can you believe this?
Desserts That Fight Fat? Finally!!
Over the last month and a half I have been on a health kick, vegetables, meats and water... boring right? I have had cravings for something sweet and I may have to make a stop this weekend.